Along the way, I wrote everything from three-word taglines to 3,000-word white papers. I supervised the creation of dozens of campaigns, extending big ideas across all media. And I got steeped in strategy, helping clients define and articulate their objectives, target audiences, brand positioning and key messages.

   I finally decided to put all this experience and accumulated marketing wisdom to its most effective use. In 2004, I undertook a reinvention for the digital age and launched JMc Communications. Now I am the one going through the mail looking for checks.

   Thanks to the terrific clients and agency partners who have helped keep this enterprise aloft. Join them by contacting

John McClave

​Communication Strategist,

Creative Director & Copywriter

JMc Communications

   Fresh out of an ivy league college with a degree in Romance Languages, and desperate for work in the thick of a recession, I took the first paying job offered to me – as the mailroom attendant in a small San Francisco ad agency. The CEO used to stand behind me as I sorted the mail, and when a check appeared he’d grab it.
   I managed to parlay that humble experience into a varied, 20-plus-year career in advertising, marketing and corporate communications, broken only by a brief stint as a bilingual tour bus driver (that degree came in handy after all.)
   For 12 of those years I held creative director posts at three agencies: Grey San Francisco, the SF office of London-based Citigate Group, and Thunder Factory in Silicon Valley. (I also ran the Citigate office for a year. The year, alas, was 2001, when the dot-com bust led to an exodus of global agencies from the Bay Area, mine included.)


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